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7 Darnell Dockett World Cup Tweets That Ask The Important Questions

By Chris Kral

One of our favorite tweeters (and he should be yours too) is Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett. While he's no soccer aficionado, he really takes a deep look into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil by asking the all-important USMNT related questions. Dockett really is the voice of the American people as we navigate through this confusing period where futbol soccer takes over our TV.

This weekend, Darnell Dockett took on USA vs. Portugal. I know, I know...sore subject. On the bright side, the USMNT are still alive.

7 Darnell Dockett World Cup tweets that ask the important questions (@ddockett):

7. Everyone across America.

Because soccer isn't really our 'thing'.

6. At one point this was a rhetorical question.

Group G, or as it's been fondly referred to as the 'Group of Death', has tested Portugal.

5. Patriotism.

Not a question. More like a thought, but I digress.

4. The 'I need to know who's best' question.

Hands down, the USA answer is Clint Dempsey. No comment on the "red team."

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3. The 'When can I pee?' question.

Answer: When the players leave the field. Two opportunities: at 45 minutes (+ stoppage) for halftime and at 90 minutes (+ stoppage), so hold it in.

2. As if we weren't already devastated enough, now math.

A tie means we earned one point and if we won it would have been 3 points, but if Ghana and Portugal tie, each team will earn 1 point and if we...over it. Get a breakdown here.

1. Because now we can't get enough.
This Thursday against Germany. Go, USA!

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