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4 Ways To Arrange An Open Floor Plan

Ready to turn your open floor plan into your dream space? It can be challenging, we understand.

The very reasons we love an open floor plan—so much space and flexibility—are the very reasons that the plan can be a tough one to design.

Rest assured, we're here to help you. When you know the essentials of open floor plan design, furniture arranging becomes much more intuitive. Here are some steps that can help you arrange your living room furniture in an open floor plan, turning a wide open room into a beautiful and livable space:

1. Define Spaces within an Open Floor Layout

First, don't think of this as one big room. Creative placement of furniture and rugs allows you to create the illusion of separate rooms within your open floor plan. Yes, you can have your open floor plan and an intimate living area, too.

For this, a large rug can be your best friend. Place a rug under your living room furniture, and viola! You've created the sense of a living room, separate from your kitchen and dining areas. Another option is to set areas apart with furniture. Use the angles of a sofa or sectional to divide the living area from the dining area. A nice bonus? These lines can create pathways for your visitors as they walk through the space.

2. Create Harmony in the Room

It's a dilemma: how much should the elements within an open floor plan match? It's a tricky answer: just enough. You want your larger pieces to create a sense of unity in the room, allowing one space to flow neatly into the next. Then use accessories and smaller pieces to differentiate each space.

We make this simple. Find a line of furniture you love, and you can choose pieces from a single line for different areas of your room. Picture a living area with Bench*Made end tables that is adjacent to a dining area with a Bench*Made table. The result is a large space with an intentional, balanced look. Shop our Bench*Made collection.

3. Give Each "Room" Area a Focal Point

Even though you want to create a sense of harmony in an open floor plan, you also need to add distinct elements that guide the eye within the room. Otherwise, an open floor plan can feel cluttered.

Creating a focal point in each area allows the eye to rest on a beautiful piece and gives each area a unique look. Find a statement chandelier or pendant to anchor a space, or two small sofas that draw the eye to a fireplace.

4. Don't Forget to Include Storage in your Furniture Plan

As you arrange furniture, remember that you'll need convenient storage space in each area. Try placing a sofa table behind the couch, or finding end tables that can hold your books, magazines, and remote controls. With a little creativity, bookshelves and sofa tables can also serve as excellent room dividers, helping you define unique spaces within your open floor plan.

Want to learn more? Stop in to a store near you today or book an appointment with one of our Design Consultants.

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