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Apple's $10K Watch Too Pricey? Get One Gold Plated

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Jewelers are undercutting Apple's pricey $10,000 gold model watch by gold-plating cheaper models.

For as little as $399 (on top of the cost of the Apple Watch), WatchPlate will "gold plate your watch and ship it back to you within 3 days of receipt."  24 karat gold is used for the plating, and a 35 micron-thick layer is created.  However, the watch is submerged in about three-inches of solution for 20-minutes, and in the FAQ section it's revealed that the plating process could void the watch's warranty.  WatchPlate says the plating can't be done to the Sport model, due to a "non-conductive layer that can't be removed."

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If you just want to buy a ready-made gold plated Apple Watch, Golden Dreams is offering pre-orders of their versions of the watch, costing $3550.  Buyers will have their choice of three different gold-plating colors (yellow, white, and rose).

If a gold-plated watch, or even the actual gold model watch directly from Apple aren't enough, Brikk makes a diamond-encrusted, $24,000 version of the Apple Watch.

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