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3 People Shot, Dozens Of Cars Damaged By Vandals With BB Guns In San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) -- What started as BB gun vandalism in the East Bay, has escalated into violence.

BB guns may be considered toys, but this is not kids' play. At least 3 people have been shot and dozens of cars have been damaged in San Leandro. Police think things might get worse.

Police released surveillance video of a male brandishing a BB gun and shooting out car windows. Authorities hope someone can help them identify him and the person who is driving.

The pranks have become more menacing in recent weeks. Police say they shot BBs at people four different times, injuring three.

One women who spoke to KPIX on the condition of anonymity has had her car destroyed by vandals three times. She's not alone. Police say these men are responsible for vandalizing at least 125 cars causing upwards of $60K in damage.

Police have stepped up patrols. They warn neighbors to keep an eye out for these vandals and call the San Leandro Police Department or 911 if they see anything suspicious.

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