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2 San Francisco Tech Execs Help Nab Suspected Drone Thief

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Two San Francisco tech executives, a CEO and a COO of different companies, helped nab a suspected drone thief.

It all started at 10 a.m. at the Radio shack on Polk Street. Radio Shack employees told KPIX 5 that a man came in and stole two items, a mini drone and a remote control helicopter, then ran out of the store.

Greg Forrest, a customer, chased after the crook and engaged him in a fistfight in the middle of the street.

"Punches and pushing and everything else," Forrest said. "My prescription glasses were crushed. I detained him, but he was strong enough to get away."

Forrest is president and CEO of GreenHawk Financial services, which developed proprietary software to help people reclaim lost and unclaimed assets.

About a block away, the suspect stopped to rest because he was out of breath, said Jeff Manheimer, COO and co-founder of, a search engine for vacation rental properties. Manheimer called police and then tackled the man to the ground as he tried to run away.

"I just barreled into him in the middle of the intersection and took him out," Manheimer said.

The thief fought back, putting scratches on Manheimer's arm, but he held the suspect down until more officers could arrive. "He got back on his bike, I threw him down again, and then the cops came and everyone apprehended him," he said.

Police took the suspect away in handcuffs.

"It's been a crazy day because CEOs and COOs are not supposed to be running down the street tackling people," Forrest said.

The drone and the helicopter were recovered and are back on the Radio Shack shelves.


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