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Investigation of Noxious Gas At Mountain View Apartment Complex Reveals 2 Decomposing Bodies

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS) - Two decomposing bodies were found Wednesday inside the apartment that was the source of an unusual chemical odor that prompted authorities to evacuate the entire complex, said Mountain View police.

Residents coming home from work were greeted by a noxious smell that grew more pronounced the further they went into the building, said Anna Wong, one of dozens evacuated to a nearby community center overnight while police and firefighters investigated.

"It was a strong smell," Wong said, adding she was relieved to discover it was not a natural gas leak as authorities originally suspected.

Investigation of Noxious Gas At Mountain View Apartment Complex Reveals 2 Decomposing Bodies

The odor persisted even after Pacific Gas and Electric shut off gas service at 2025 California Street. That building and 2017 California Street were both evacuated shortly after 6 p.m., and residents were not allowed back inside until the next morning.

"I smelled the gas in my room," said Mariana Korabliva, one of the 40 or so who spent the night in an emergency shelter established by the American Red Cross at a nearby community center.

Four officers exposed to the gas were treated at the scene by medics, and did not require hospitalization.

Mountain View police spokeswoman Shino Tanaka said investigators are testing samples in order to identify the gas.

"We are confident this was not a gas line leak," she said, adding that it was not immediately apparent how the two people inside Unit 17 had died.

Fire officials found a note taped to the door when a hazardous materials team first arrived, but authorities have not indicated whether it was a suicide note.

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