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15-Foot Great White Shark Attacks Boat Near Santa Cruz Coast

CAPITOLA (KPIX 5) -- A 15-foot great white shark attacked a fishing boat off the coast of Capitola Friday.

The shark bit the side of the small boat while fisherman Mark Davis floated off Capitola.

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"It was a full on slam attack from down below. He came and hit the boat full speed and knocked it into the air," Davis told KSBW.

Shark attacks on boats are not unheard of, but don't happen very often.

"He wasn't fooling around, and I'm glad it didn't knock me out because I wouldn't have wanted to be in the water," Davis said.

The attack occurred about a quarter of a mile from the shore, but there were no plans to put warnings on local beaches, despite the scary attack.

"He was aggressive and fired up," Davis said.

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