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136 Years Until Gender Pay Gap Closes, Researchers Say

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- New research indicates the pay gap between men and women won't close for another 136 years.  Currently, full time working men earn 20 percent more than full time working women.

The latest figures were published by the American Association of University Women show that it's not just women feeling the effects of the pay gap - children feel it too.

"A lot of children are living in households where women's lower incomes are really hurting them," Kevin Miller, Senior Researcher with AAUW told KCBS.

Miller says the closing of the pay gap has stalled since 2001, and modeling shows that at this rate, it will take until 2152 for the pay gap to close.There are occupational factors that are part of the wage gap, but even in jobs with similar skill and responsibility, there are gender differences.

"For instance, parking lot attendants, who are mostly men – make somewhat more than childcare workers - who are mostly women. So, we literally pay men more to watch our empty cars than we pay women to watch our children," Miller said.

AAUW will release its research report, The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap, on September 15th.

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