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12 Best Tweets Celebrating Derek Jeter's Legendary Final Hit At Yankee Stadium

With Derek Jeter's last game played at Yankee Stadium last night wasn't without drama. Leading up to the game, forecasts called for heavy rain and wind, thus threatening The Captain's home and career finale at Yankee Stadium. Then there was how they would honor him in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning. But none was as dramatic as the Yankees blowing a 5-2 lead in the 9th and threatening to send Jeter out of Yankee Stadium with a loss.

But whatever you want to call it or whatever you may believe in, people everywhere found themselves watching Number 2, Derek Jeter, Number 2 walk up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning in a tie game with a runner in scoring position. What did he do next? A walk-off game winning hit, his first since 2007, which sealed the deal on his storybook career at Yankee Stadium. 

While fans, non fans, kids and adults everywhere celebrated the legendary Yankees' captain's last hit at Yankee stadium, let's take a look at the best reactions from friends of DJ, fellow athletes and other celebrates who took to Twitter to pay their RE2PECT to Number 2.

12. Former New York Yankees Minor Leaguer (for a day) and die hard Yankees fan, Billy Crystal, tweeted what the entire baseball world was thinking.

11. The King and New York Rangers goalie, offered his #RE2PECT for "El Capitan."

10. Even NBA players were watching DJ make history.

9. A fellow Jordan brand ambassador tweeted out his love for Number 2.

8. The perfect song for the perfect moment

7. The Grandy Man showing respect to his former teammate.

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6. Going down in history ... but maybe not for the best stat.

5. Nats pitcher and his dog showing #RE2PECT.

4. E from Entourage putting things in perspective.

3. O's Adam Jones speaking for the masses.

2. Jeff Daniels For The Win


1. Even an ex-girlfriend can see how much DJ means to baseball


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