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Protesters Call For Ouster Of Egypt's President At San Francisco's U.N. Plaza

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)- "Down, down with Mubarak!" was their cry when as many as 500 protesters crowded United Nations Plaza in San Francisco Saturday afternoon to support countrymen back home in the volatile nations of Egypt and Tunisia.

Hany El Hak of San Jose said if the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak believes that demonstrators will just pack up and leave Tahir Square, the center of protest in Cairo, they're greatly mistaken.

"They are very determined, they have their demands written on a very big sign as big as a building in Tahir Square. They are very clear and they're staying there until their demands are met," said El Hak.

Farida Ezzat, an Egyptian exchange student at UC Berkeley, said it's frustrating being here rather than with the masses back home.

People are waiting in Tahir. They're waiting for their rights to be met. The least we can do is raise awareness over here in the United States and help them advance the cause," said Ezzat.

Protest signs expressed hatred for Mubarak and disdain for U.S. foreign policy that helps to embolden Mubarak and the military. It was a peaceful rally followed by a march to nearby city hall and the federal building.

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