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100-Year-Old Hayward Man Swears Doughnuts Are Secret To Longevity

KCBS_740 HAYWARD (KCBS) -- While some people chow down on kale to stay fit, a Hayward man celebrating his 100th birthday Thursday says the real secret to staying young is actually doughnuts.

Three giant doughnuts in the shape of the numbers 1, 0, and 0 made up Merle Rogers' cake.  He got a little help from his daughter Laura to blow out the candles.

"I wish to continue right on," Rogers told KCBS.

After 30 years of eating at World's Fare Donuts in Hayward every single day, Rogers' family says there's no reason to believe he won't continue right on.

"He never missed a day. I never saw him take a vacation. He's always at the doughnut shop," Kelly, owner at World's Fare Donuts said. She threw the birthday bash for Rogers.

She may have a lot more parties to throw over the next few years. Rogers says his doughnut-a-day habit is his secret to longevity.

There's also 'Regular Rita,' who at age 93, also eats a doughnut every day.  Kelly said she'll throw Rita a 100th birthday bash too.

"If I make it. In seven years, let's see," Rita said.

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