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Zero-Emission Mobility hub opens in Sacramento, the first of its kind in the state

Zero emissions mobility hub comes to Del Paso heights
Zero emissions mobility hub comes to Del Paso heights 02:50

SACRAMENTO - One Sacramento community is getting a little greener with the addition of a Zero Emission Mobility hub, the first of its kind in Sacramento and the state. 

Sac Metro Air District and its partners celebrated the grand opening of the new Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) Zero-Emission Mobility Hub in Del Paso Heights on Wednesday. 

The hub is run on clean energy and will produce no emissions to the surrounding neighborhood while charging cars, devices and providing the community with opportunities. 

Alberto Ayala, the executive director of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District, says this hub is setting an example to others. 

"This is really putting Sacramento squarely in the clean energy transition where we are going to bring mobility innovation in a way that not only has better options for people for getting around but also, it's uplifting communities and really revitalizing particularly communities like Del Paso Heights that haven't seen the clean energy transition attention," Ayala said.  

Along with nearly 10 electric car charging ports, the hub offers several zero-emission transit programs, a park area, a solar-powered mobile device charging bench and free Wi-Fi. 

Reducing emissions and connecting the community is something Greg Jefferson, a resident in Del Paso Heights, has said they have needed for years. 

"It's an asset to our community, to our seniors in our community and to all of the other folks who don't have cars that this will be a vehicle for them to get around in," Jefferson said. 

Jefferson and his wife Christine said before the hub, their corner on May Street was empty and filled with trash. Creating an eye sore for their neighborhood. 

"Cars, trash, furniture everything on this corner. In fact, it was so bad we live on this street, but when we had guests come in to visit us that are out of the area, we gave them directions on South Avenue not off of Grand Avenue," Jefferson said. 

Now, cleaned up and ready to show off to all who visit the hub. 

"Instead of an embarrassment, now we have something in our community we can brag on. We have an electric car charging station on our street," Jefferson said. 

With a connection to zero-emission transportation services, residents within the Del Paso Heights community can make trips to social services, training sessions, school, and medical appointments. 

Developers and state representatives say the new hub is a step in the right direction in not just connecting all communities to more opportunities, but creating cleaner air and green spaces.  

"Families over here they want clean air they want to make sure that have a clean environment they want to make sure their kids have a safe sustainable future as far as addressing climate change issues but too often we think these things are out of touch and not for us," California State Assemblyman (D), Kevin McCarty said. 

In the future, the hub will also offer community resources such as a virtual job training kiosk and bike-sharing programs. 

"This is a victory for all of us and this is only the beginning because if we are going to address our climate and air quality issues we need more and more of these in every community throughout Sacramento," McCarty said. 

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District, Green Tech, SMUD and other partners hope to bring 52 more Zero-Emission Mobility Hubs to other areas in Sacramento. 

The next location is planned for south Sacramento. 

"We're just getting started this is one of what we hope to be many mobility hubs in the region and we want to target and prioritize communities like Del Paso Heights," Ayala said. "This is really putting Sacramento in a leadership position to really define what sustainable transportation should really be. 

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