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Yuba Red Light Cameras Putting City In Debt

YUBA CITY (CBS13) - They are controversial and constantly watching, but in Yuba City Red Light Cameras have also turned very costly.

They are often criticized as being cash cows but in Yuba City, Red Light Cameras have put the city in the red.

"We haven't seen a positive cash flow out of these since about two years after they were first put in," said Yuba City Council Member John Buckland.

Buckland was actually a police officer back in 2006 when he asked the city to install the cameras for safety, but now has had a change of heart.

"I have absolutely no concern with them going dark," said Buckland.

Buckland says while the cameras have been effective, citations have slowed and now it's the financial picture that's the problem.

It costs the city $18,000 each month for a company to operate the cameras but the city is only netting about 8,000 in fines from the photo tickets.

It's putting the city in more than $10,000 in debt every thirty days. So Tuesday, city council will vote to turn them off.

"I think its just time to shut them off and move on," said Buckland.

News that the cameras will likely shut down by the end of the month is sitting fine with drivers.

"It's not a problem for me to see it go bye," said one citizen.

And apparently, it's not a problem for the person who wanted the snapshots in the first place.

"It did it's job, and done it's job since 2006," said Buckland.

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