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Yuba County Joins State Of Jefferson Movement To Split California

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Yuba County has joined a grassroots movement to create a 51st state by splitting California.

Three counties have already fully declared to withdraw under the State of Jefferson plan: Modoc, Siskiyou, and Glenn counties. Tehama County could also put the issue on the ballot for voters to decide.

The main issue is representation, says Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez.

"We don't count in Northern California," he said.

For Vasquez and others, it's that simple: Taxation without representation. With a strong concentration of the state's population in the southern half of the state, Northern California counties feel they don't have a voice.

Yuba County republican Paul Myers showed off the flag he hopes will someday replace the California one currently flying outside the Yuba County Government Building.

The Yuba County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 to endorse the State of Jefferson movement to split off the state.

Yuba is the southernmost county to join the movement. Lassen, Trinity, Placer and Sutter counties all plan to discuss it in the future.

"What Yuba County is just saying is that we can't survive this way," Vasquez said.

The movement itself is far from now, having been around since 1941. But why will it work now?

"People are finally mad as Hell, and they're not gonna put up with it anymore," Vasquez said. "I think it's possible if enough people get behind it."

Ultimately it would take an act of Congress to add a state to union. But no matter how unlikely, supporters believe it's a battle worth fighting.

"We have to stand up; we have to stand up for our rights," he said.

Ultimately it would take an act of Congress to add a state to union.

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