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Heartbroken Yuba City Mom Remembers Son Hit And Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Just blocks away from a memorial on Franklin Road and Lyndsey Lane, tucked inside a Yuba City neighborhood, sits the home of 13-year-old Alec Flores.

"Fly high Alec miss you, Josh," said Alec's mother Tara Repka Flores while reading messages about her son.

Tara finds strength in the kind words shared about Alec.

"You'll always be in our hearts," she said.

She thinks about him too.

"When I'm cooking I think about him because he exercised so much and was hungry all the time," Tara said.

Last month, Alec was walking to school when he was hit by a car. Police say the woman accused of hitting him, Constance Addison, was under the influence and had her own kids in the car.

"I can't even believe someone would get in their car and do what she did. Run him over and leave him on the side of the road," Tara said.

Despite the tragedy no parent is ever prepared for, Tara finds more strength in the love her son left in the hearts of others

"He was a good friend to his friends, he was fun-loving and he just worked really hard for the things that he wanted," Tara said.

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