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'You're Scaring Kids': Crowd Combats Anti-Pride Protesters At Children's Museum By Singing

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) - A Pride event designed for children and families took an ugly turn in Rancho Cordova Saturday. Protesters showed up shortly after family festivities got underway at the Sacramento Children's Museum.   

Drag princess Suzette Veneti says she wasn't surprised, she was disappointed and wanted answers. One sign read: "Groomers are not welcome in California." Another read: "Protect white children."

"You're standing there with a megaphone and signs, you're scaring kids," Veneti said. "They could've protested at Pride. They could protest anywhere they want, but to pick a children's museum with children, like, this is for kids."

"There were a lot of young volunteers just in tears, because they had never experienced something like this," said Andrew Gibout with the Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus.

While the protest came suddenly, Gibout says what happened next wasn't expected either as the crowd broke out in song.

"It was like this is what we do," Gibout said. "And so we all started to join in the chorus of 'We are the World' like 57 times, and it drowned out all the hate. They ultimately walked away, because no one could hear them anymore, so it didn't matter what they were saying."

While the protest was over, Veneti still hopes the Pride message of kindness and inclusivity lives on. She says the festivities, including drag costumes, were all in fun and to show children they can be their authentic self.

"People are just dressing up and having fun, and if kids want to see that then kids should be able to see that from people who are going to be fun and engaging to the kids," Veneti said.

This was the second time the Sacramento Children's Museum hosted a Pride event. Last year, there were no protesters or problems.

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