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"It wasn't our mistake": Yolo County officials consider tax relief program after billing blunder

Yolo County considers tax relief program for homeowners facing unexpected tax increase
Yolo County considers tax relief program for homeowners facing unexpected tax increase 02:09

WEST SACRAMENTO – A billing error is costing thousands of taxpayers in West Sacramento. A blunder by Yolo County led to homeowners seeing a spike in their property taxes

Some homeowners say they have seen their bill jump by a little, while others say their bill has doubled this year.

"It wasn't our mistake," Debbie Ajrina said. "It wasn't their mistake. It was his mistake."

By his mistake, she is referring to Tom Haynes, the Yolo County interim chief financial officer.

"I personally apologize for any error on our part that has contributed to this situation," Haynes said during a recent public meeting.

Officials say people are seeing a spike because of a Washington Unified School District bond approved by voters in 2004. The district used the money to build River City High School.

However, the county said it forgot to add last year's payment.

"I feel like if I make a mistake, I have to own up to it," Andrey Rybikov said. "I will have to bear those consequences."

The interim CFO told CBS13 that the county deeply regrets the error and understands the impact on taxpayers. To right this wrong, the board of supervisors will consider a tax relief program to alleviate the burden during its October 24 meeting.

Recently, the county sent out a letter to taxpayers to explain how they are not being overcharged. It also said this is a one-time issue and tax rates will return to normal next year.

For some, the reality is that a bill is still a bill. 

"It's a bond. We got to pay for it. We agreed to pay for it," Robert Wallace said. "They just screwed up and missed a year and now, I think, they're double-dipping in this year."

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