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High School Students Save Girl From Carjacking

YOLO (CBS13) — Three high school students are being hailed as heroes after stopping an attempted carjacking. It happened just as school got out Tuesday afternoon at Cache Creek High in the small town of Yolo.

High school senior Daisy Jayde says she thought all the commotion was from a fight between students, but she quickly realized it was much more serious than that.

"Everyone who was there, they were really shaken up," said Jayde.

It happened just as students were heading home around 1:30 p.m. That's when one of them became the victim of an attempted carjacker.

"We were in shock, like my mom was like oh my god does this happen often? Do you think that maybe it could happen to you?"

Police say Christopher Sevilla, a man in his late-20s, tried to pull a young girl out of her car as she was leaving school, allegedly saying he needed the car to save his family. But, the girl fought back and screamed for help.

That's when three male students ran over and dragged Sevilla down.

"I think that either her car could have been stolen or she could have gotten hurt or run over even. I mean the possibilities are really endless," said Jayde.

Teachers eventually rushed over and detained Sevilla until Yolo County Sheriff's Deputies arrived and arrested him. Authorities also say just 15 minutes before the failed carjacking, Sevilla had stolen another car from Davis, but dumped it when it stopped working.

A wild chain of events that ended outside the typically quiet campus, turning some students here into heroes.

"Now we're really going to understand that like anyone- this person next to me- can save my life potentially. I think we will now all really appreciate each other," said Jayde.

The school sent out a letter to parents alerting them to the incident. Meanwhile, the victim told CBS13 she wasn't ready to talk about everything just yet, while the boys who saved her say they don't want any recognition.

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