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Year In Review: The Top 100 News Stories Of 2015 On CBS Sacramento, 50-26

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the new year approaches, we're taking a look back at the most popular stories on CBS Sacramento in 2015.

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50. Girl's Balloon Letter To Deceased Dad Finds Support 435 Miles Away At Auburn Burger Joint

The girl who wrote it lives 435 miles away from the parking lot of a burger joint in Auburn where it mysteriously landed.

It's not clear how long the star-shaped balloon was flying in the skies, but when it fell to Earth, it found the right people.

49. Oakland Raiders QB Ken Stabler, 69, Dies From Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Stabler played 15 seasons in the NFL, including starting most of the games for the 1970s Oakland Raiders, including a win in Super Bowl XI.

48. Sacramento Middle-School Student Arrested After Pot Brownies Send Classmate To Hospital

A middle-school student has been arrested after allegedly bringing pot-laced brownies to school that sent a student to the hospital.

Students CBS13 spoke to say it started on Wednesday when the suspect posted a photo on Snapchat showing a bowl filled with pot and a brownie mix next to it. The next day, she showed up at school with the brownies.

They said the Sam Brannan Middle School student passed the brownies on to three of the girl's friends, then to other students. Soon, students began getting sick.

47. California Drought Drawing Rodents Into Homes During Breeding Season

Spring is already a busy time of the year for rats and mice since it's breeding season, but dry conditions forced rodents to look for spaces as small as the width of a thumb to get inside homes.

46. Inmate At Solano Prison Was Cut Nearly In Two, Organs Missing

Nearly 15 hours after a riot at a Northern California prison, guards found a missing inmate sawed nearly in two, with his abdominal organs and most chest organs removed, his body folded and stuffed into a garbage can in a shower stall a few doors from his cell.

45Reddit updates posting rules to discourage harassment

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman announced the site's new harassment policy in the form of an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Users, called Redditors, will be given time to offer input before the new policies are finalized.

44. Police: Job Interview Letters Are For Selling Cutco Knives, Not Human Trafficking

Families claimed the company scheduled an interview where the potential interviewee would be drugged, kidnapped and turned over to human traffickers. Police say that's not the case, and that the letters are from Vector Marketing, which operates Cutco knives.

43. 3 People Shot, 1 Killed At Sac City Campus

The shooting happened in a parking lot bordering the south edge of campus along Sutterville Road, just west of the softball field.

42. Kevin Bacon Calls Out Hollywood, Wants More Male Nudity

He even shared examples such as calling out show "Game Of Thrones" talking about their sex scenes. Bacon said, "Let me on the show, it'll be awesome, I'll play a naked wizard or something?"

41. Support Of Israel Reason House Was Tagged With Swastikas, Frat Says

On a Saturday morning – the holiest day of the week for Jews – swastikas spray painted in red on their Jewish frat house were the last thing these brothers expected to wake up to.

40. Sacramento Police: Man Lured Officer From Car, Beat Him Because He Was A Cop

Sacramento police say it happened early Monday morning in a parking lot at Kaiser South medical center. They say Juan Gomez knocked on the officer's patrol car window and lured the officer out. The officer, taken by surprise, was knocked to the ground.

39. Sheriff: Samantha Green Will Face Murder Charge In Death Of Baby Justice

Investigators previously indicated Green and Justice were the only ones in the car, and that she was likely not the victim of an attack.

38. Coroner: Pregnant Woman Found Dead In Car Had Killed Herself

Twenty-year-old Aubrey Andrews was last seen driving away from her home on December 6, 2014. Over a week later, her 2005 Toyota Prius was found in a parking lot in the 8400 block of Elk Grove Boulevard, and inside was Andrews' body. She was nine months pregnant at the time.

37. Former Congressional Candidate Admits Sending Death Threats To Herself

Karen Davis is now facing federal charges for lying to investigators about two death threat letters she said she received during her failed 2014 campaign.

36. Reports: 49ers In Talks To Trade Colin Kaepernick

Headlines like this are what happens when a team is in transition after the front office pushes out a successful coach, and half the team follows him out the door.

35. Gov. Brown To Delta Tunnel Critics: 'Shut Up, Because You Don't Know What The Hell You're Talking About'

Brown said Wednesday that until critics have studied the problem for a million hours, they should "shut up, because you don't know what the hell you're talking about."

The Democratic governor says that's how long state officials have spent on the controversial proposal to divert water from the Sacramento River.

34. Elk Grove Store Takes Down Confederate Flag, Citing Alleged Death Threats


33. Sacramento Utility Warns Water Wasters Could Be Cut Off If They Don't Cut Back

Sensing a trend yet? The drought and water restrictions dominated headlines for a good part of the year.

32. Detectives: Body Found In Glenn County That Of Jadianna Larsen; Suspect Arrested

Larsen, 6, had been reported missing, last seen in her apartment at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Village on 47th Avenue.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department detectives had reason to believe Rivera murdered Jadianna after the discovery of the body of a young girl was found burned in a field near County Road D and County Road 33 in Glenn County.

31. PHOTOS: Fast-Moving Valley Fire Brings Devastation To Middletown

What started as a small fire quickly exploded in dry conditions and enveloped the town of Middletown.

30. Sheriff: Woman Killed By Boyfriend's Celebratory New Year's Gunshot

It was a gunshot meant to ring in the new year, but instead it left a Sacramento County man in jail for the death of his girlfriend, sheriff's deputies said.

Stephen Lucas, 24 was arrested after they say he fired a gun during a midnight New Year's celebration that somehow hit his girlfriend. She died 20 hours into the new year.

He now faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter, among other felony charges.

29. New Apps Allow Smartphone Users To Live Broadcast Any Unfiltered Video Content

Personalized live stream video available on Meerkat and Twitter's Periscope app allow users to immediately broadcast themselves directly to social media. Live video produced by individuals on smartphones is expected to enable more "video aggregation" from citizen journalists and allow unfiltered content to directly reach streaming users.

Remember Meerkat? Nobody remembers Meerkat.

28. 3 Women's College Basketball Players Arrested, 5 Expelled After Brutal Beating

Dalana Bluford recognized her attackers as players on the women's basketball team. She says they smashed up her car, and beat her up too.

We met her father, Larry Bluford, at the Fairfield auto shop where workers patched up her daughter's car. The sedan had broken windows and dents.

Dalana had a broken bone near her eye, and her face it cut up and bruised from an apparently vicious attack.

27. Researchers Predict 'Imminent Collapse' Of Universe After Period Of Rapid Expansion

In case you were looking for new ways for the world to end, this might be for you. Just remember, "imminent" on a universal scale is long after you'll be gone. And your children. And your grandchildren. And your great-grandchildren ...

26. Modesto Vigilantes Attack Homeless Man After False Facebook Warning Goes Viral

The post was all over Facebook, complete with a description of the man, and where to find him. It didn't take long before police say a group of guys took the law into their own hands. The post warned in all caps of a Modesto man trying to break into homes and assault women, urging people to share to save a woman's life.

Modesto Police spokeswoman Heather Graves says they were flooded with calls, but they had no reports of the man trying to physically harm anyone.


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