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'Karma Will Get Ya': Woodland Police Catch Suspected Shoplifters In Stalled Getaway Car

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Maybe the plan looked good on paper with a back door exit and a straight shot to the car with a cart of stolen items.

But not every getaway works out and in the latest shoplifting case out of Woodland, the suspected thieves forgot to make sure their getaway car was working.

"It was a pretty easy one to solve, absolutely," said Woodland Police Sergeant Victoria Danzl.

Woodland Police officers were called out on a shoplifting case at the Walmart Neighborhood Market near County Fair Mall around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, but they didn't have to look far for the suspects.  They found 30-year-old Brandon Klimper and 20-year-old Savannah King sitting in their stalled car right across the street.

They had barely made it out of the Walmart parking lot.  In fact, an unsuspecting Good Samaritan had helped push them out of the way of traffic and into a parking lot on Leisureville Circle.  Police posted the incident on Facebook, reminding people that even "getaway cars need regular maintenance."

"It just goes to remind everybody about car maintenance, right?  You know car maintenance is important," said Sgt. Danzl.

Sgt. Danzl says Walmart was able to get all of the goods back undamaged.

King was cited and released for shoplifting. Klimper was arrested for shoplifting and two felony warrants out of Colusa County and booked at the Yolo County Jail.  Police say their vehicle was towed for a "variety of reasons."

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