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Woodland neighbor's act of kindness goes national as Kelly Clarkson showcases story of community support

WOODLAND - An act of kindness from one Woodland resident to his neighbor has grown so big that it's now getting national attention.

"Welcome back everybody, I am joined by good neighbors Paul and Faye. Recently, Paul rallied their good neighborhood to fix up Faye's home," said Kelly Clarkson on her show.


Faye Abbas and Paul Bridge appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesdasy. We introduced you to them last November when Paul rounded up some neighbors, and they all did a free makeover on Faye's home. 

Faye went blind as a baby, so she didn't even know her home needed so much work. Now, Paul is setting his sights on helping more people and is ecstatic they made it on a national show.

Paul Bridge: "I really wanted people to be recognized that were selfless that just volunteered to help me without any condition. It was all unconditional, unconditional love."

Marlee Ginter: "Now, does this story end with Fay? It sounds like you've got more work you want to do."

Paul Bridge: "I do. There are other families I want to help. And as far as the scope of this, it's kind of unlimited."

Paul is in the process of starting up non-profit helping families in need get work done on their homes. He's especially hoping to help those with disabilities.

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