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Blind Woodland woman living alone in rundown home gets home makeover from neighbors

Woodland neighbors team up to give a blind woman a home makeover
Woodland neighbors team up to give a blind woman a home makeover 02:59

WOODLAND — More than a dozen people in a Woodland neighborhood teamed up to give a home makeover to a blind woman who never knew her home was falling apart.

"I've just been stunned. It's like I all of a sudden have a whole family here," said Faye Abbas, who has been blind since she was born and didn't realize how run down her home of 30+ years had become.

Her neighbor, Paul Bridge, saw that she needed help, so he rounded up the community to fix it for free.  Bridge says once he realized he had neighbors on board, he went to work organizing.

"Community is about giving to those in need and that kind of like touched me right there and I said, alright, this is done," said Bridge. 

Abbas's neighbors have spent weeks getting to know her and each other as they spent their time volunteering to help her.

"I feel blessed to live in a community where we can put all of our differences aside and help our fellow neighbor," said Tim Sullivan.

"It renews my hope because these last two years there was a lot of separation a lot of divisiveness not only in our country but in our neighborhood. W:e just didn't know each other," said Stuart Kahn.

Just standing outside of the incomplete renovations, you can see the amount of work that has been done: replacing the panel and siding and painting.  But they're also planning a personal touch. Abbas  had one special request, a pink front door.

"I'm thrilled about those pink doors. I really like pink. I can't see it, but I like the feel of it. Colors have feel," said Abbas.

Abbas doesn't need to see the love her neighbors have given her home -- it's clear she can feel it.

Bridge spearheaded a fundraising effort with people donating online and within the community reaching $7,000.  Bridge says the money will go toward their supplies but whatever is left over will go to Faye.  Several companies have given them discounts and donated items, including Blue Note Brewery, Home Depot and Sherwin Williams. 

They plan to throw a neighborhood cookout when the work is complete.

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