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Woman Battling Cancer Struggling To Rebuild After Denair Tornado

DENAIR (CBS13) — A woman battling cancer and her three children survived a rare tornado in Denair, but the same couldn't be said for their home.

Stanislaus County officials say the house is structurally unsafe after a giant tree fell in one of the girls' bedrooms.

There's nothing cooking inside Beckee Bailey's oven on Thanksgiving. She's not even in her own home.

GOFUNDME: Help out Beckee Bailey and her family.

"When you're sick, it's hard to be around other people anyway, but to be sick in someone else's home and they have to see you without your head cover," she said.

Bailey is on chemotherapy for Stage 3 breast cancer. She hasn't been able to rest well since last week when a surprise tornado touched down in Denair and blasted into her home.

"This huge wall of dirt came down the stairwell and completely filled the doorway. It sucked the door out and blew out the windows," she said.

Most of the damage came from the huge eucalyptus tree that crashed into the house. It took out the roof and chimney, but left Bailey and her three children unharmed.

The family ran out of the house with the clothes they had on. Everything they own is still inside the house, and they don't know when they'll be allowed back in.

We don't know if we will be able to," she said.

For now, they are staying in a friend's empty house, but that's a temporary solution. The house was sold and they have to be out next month. Housing in the small town is limited, as is Bailey's budget because she's unable to work.

"Even in town, to find a three-bedroom apartment is $1,300," she said.

She set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for a new home to rent. the single mom worries about caring for her children.

"You go to the store, you pick up this or that. I don't need dental floss, I have it—oh wait. yeah, don't," she said.

Members of a church cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

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