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Wolf's Guenon Died Suddenly At Sacramento Zoo

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Zoo is mourning the sudden death of Rori, a one-year-old Wolf's guenon that died last week.

The zoo said in a blog post that the animal had a short battle with a respiratory infection before he died. Rori was reportedly diagnosed with a respiratory infection and treated by the zoo's veterinary team, remaining in the hospital for round-the-clock monitoring and treatment.

His condition deteriorated last Friday and Rori was transferred to a warm incubator to supply oxygen and additional treatments, but the zoo said he passed away.

"Rori was so special and a privilege to watch grow up," said primary primate keeper Andrea Haverland. "His loss is so difficult and impactful. Only 28 Wolf's guenons live in human care in the United States currently and we have three of them here at the Sacramento Zoo."

The zoo said the three other Wolf's guenons are healthy and behaving normally. The troop will be monitored for illness.

The other Wolf's guenons are Mimi and Eddie, an adult pair, and their remaining offspring, Zuri, who was born in 2013.

According to the zoo's website, "Wolf's guenons are native to central Africa where they inhabit dense forests and forage for fruits, seeds and an occasional insect."

The Sacramento Zoo participates in a program to help prevent the extinction of this species

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