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With McKinley Park Turtles Safe, Focus Turns To Baby Ducks, Geese

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A pond renovation at McKinley Park is getting tricky as the city tries to adopt out turtles that were illegally dumped over the years.

The renovation here is set to begin in two weeks with the entire pond drained. Leaving the creatures in and around to have to find some safe place to call home.

East Sacramento resident and pond caretaker Judy McClaver says the red-eared slider is a turtle which populates McKinley Park pond.

But those turtles have been deemed an invasive species that must be removed and can never return. The city tried to find homes for the turtles for months.

After making calls herself, McClaver succeeded, learning on Sunday night that more than 100 turtles will be taken in at an amphibian rescue organization out of Sonoma

With a turtle plan in place McClaver is now trying to come up with a plan for the baby ducks and geese.

"If they empty this pond they're going to see these little babies getting sicker," she said.

The pond will be drained and renovated in July.

"Once they empty the pond they will not have any water and waterfowl require water," she said.

And they won't have access to an island for safety from people, dogs and raccoons. Pond renovation is set in two weeks but McClaver says that's not enough time for the fowl to learn to fly.

"They usually take about 16 weeks from hatching to being fully capable of migrating, flying," she said.

At a recent City Council meeting, the city said it was assessing the situation and had no intention of harming the animals. But with the renovation around the corner, McClaver hopes the city pushes back the date to September when the birds can leave the pond on their own.

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