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With Folsom Dam Releases Increasing, Officials Warning To Stay Away From Rising Waterways

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Residents along the American River are being warned about rising water levels as more water flows from Folsom Lake.

The Sacramento Fire Department made four rescues along the river. They say it doesn't take much to cause a problem—just six inches to knock you down and two feet to sweep a car away.

"In six hours it went up five-and-a-half feet," said Matthew Morpanini. "We lost two tents and we lost a bunch of our clothes and this is all that I have left."

The swift, strong waters caught him by surprise. He didn't hear the law enforcement announcements from helicopters circling above warning people to get to higher ground.

"A friend of mine, he has a kayak and he's getting everybody out now," he said.

At the Howe Avenue boat ramp, Sacramento Fire Rescue pulled two people to safety after finding themselves surrounded by water.

"It's a man and a woman," spokesman Chris Harvey said. "The man was able to wade to shore but I understand the woman is disabled and he was not able to get her safely to shore."

Rescue crews packed up after the couple was moved to dry land, but refused to leave. It's a stubborn approach that first responders fear could put more in danger with more storms in the forecast and additional dam releases still possible—river levels are expected to rise three to four feet day-over-day by Tuesday.



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