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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Wilton Plane Crash That Left Family Of 4 Hurt

WILTON (CBS13) — The National Transportation Safety Board has released its preliminary report on the Wilton plane crash that left four family members hurt.

According to the report on the Oct. 14 crash, the WSK Mielec AN-2TD was taking off when the pilot reported that the aircraft's controls were not responding. The plane continued to pitch up, prompting the pilot to bank left towards an open area.

The pilot reported that he was unable to push the control yoke forward, with the report describing the pilot as feeling like he was "stretching" the cables with forward pressure.

Less than a minute after taking off, the plane descended into some trees and then came to stop. It then caught fire.

All four people who were inside had to get out through the front window due to the back door being deformed in the crash.

Two videos were taken of the plane taking off, the report details. The plane was captured banking left just after taking off in one of the videos.

Both the pilot and one passenger ended up with serious injuries. The other two passengers only suffered minor injuries, according to the report. Family members also previously reported that a dog onboard didn't survive.

Read the full preliminary report here.

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