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Video Of Boy, 2, Who Doesn't Want To Leave California Will Make You Smile

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - California sometimes gets a bad rap. But our fine state also has a lot to offer, as one little boy has apparently discovered. Video of the two-year-old visitor is now getting people's attention on social media.

William is from Portland, Oregon. He and his family were recently visiting friends and family in Southern California, and when he found out he would soon have to go home, he made it pretty clear to his mom, Anna, that he didn't want to leave.

William: I don't want to leave California?

Anna: You don't want to leave California?

William: No.

Anna: We get to go on an airplane tomorrow to go back to Oregon.

William: No! I don't want to. I don't want to.

Anna: Where do you want to go?

William: I want to stay in California.

Anna: You want to stay in California?

William: Yeah.

Anna: Aw...

We hope you get the chance to come back to California soon, William!

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