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Why Does UC Davis Have A Walt Disney World Fire Hydrant?

UC DAVIS (CBS13) — During finals week, it's hardly the happiest place on Earth, but how did a fire hydrant from a Disney theme park end up at UC Davis?

As you walk in front of King Hall, you'll find the fire hydrant that's clearly marked "Walt Disney World."

It's become quite the topic on social media and more than a few people want to know how it ended up there.

Utilities director David Phillips says out of 700 fire hydrants on the entire campus, the one by King Hall is the only Disney one.

The hydrant is the exact type specially designed for Disney theme parks. The Clow-made low silhouette hydrant is preferred for places where there's lots of foot traffic.

Sometimes, the manufacturer says, the Disney World-type hydrant is sent to places other than Disney theme parks with the words "Disney World" still on it.

It works just like a regular hydrant, and water flows from it—not little Tinkerbells.

In case you were wondering, we checked, and Disney World doesn't have a fire hydrant labeled "UC Davis."

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