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Who Is Spreading Dead, Mutilated Animals Throughout Sacramento?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A box of dead chickens found along a Sacramento River bike trail is the latest disturbing discovery of mutilated animals in the Sacramento area.

The discovery at 19th and U streets on Monday was the seventh in recent month, although it's unknown if all of the incidents are connected.

It's hard to keep all of the incidents straight with how many there are. Monday's discovery is just a block from where dead goats were found last week. While the motive is unclear, if it's one person doing it, officials want them caught quickly.

The images are too gruesome to show—decapitated chickens, mutilated and many left in boxes or bags.

"We've had way too many cases in the last several weeks, we are very concerned," said Gina Knepp with City of Sacramento Animal Control.

It's included livestock animals and even a tortoise. Four of the discoveries came at Reichmuth Park in the Pocket area. Since then, passersby have discovered several more, including six decapitated goats off of a bike trail in North Sacramento.

"We would certainly like some help from the community if anybody knows anything," she said.

Anthony Suarez lives near the site of the two recent discovery, including two young goats found in a bag near 19th and V streets on Friday.

"I'm not leaving my animals outside; there's no way," he said. "It's terrible and it's scary."

And it could get a lot scarier. While police and city officials work to see if indeed the incidents are connected, the motive is also another big question—who would want to do this.

"The behavior that is being displayed now is concerning because it's often times behavior you see displayed in serial killers, serial rapists," said clinical psychologist Andrew Mendonsa. "It's about power and control, it's about having ultimate control over a victim."

He says while the acts could also be religious in nature, the dumping of the animals seems to be almost taunting. He says if indeed the mutilations are the work of one suspect, they need to be found quickly.

"The window is closing very rapidly to get this person the help that they need before they cross over and possibly harm a human," he said.

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