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Whitney, Rocklin High-School Football Teams Preparing For 110-Degree Temperatures

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Temperatures are on the rise in the Sacramento area and are expected to peak near 110 degrees as outdoor events take place on Friday.

For football players at Whitney High School, the hot temperatures are giving teammates and odor with extra strength during rivalry week.

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"Makes everyone on our team smell even worse, especially in the locker room," said JV quarterback Preston Eklund.

Whitney and Rocklin will face off in the Quarry Bowl on Friday. When the JV teams hit the field, temperatures are expected to reach around 110 degrees.

"You've got to watch your guys a little closer," said coach Pete Votava. "They're going to get fatigued a little faster."

While umbrellas are typically banned from games because they block people's views, Whitney High announced they will be allowed in light of the extreme heat.

The heat has stopped high school events in Placer County before. The fire department halted Del Oro High School's graduation ceremony in 2013 because of extreme heat.

The CBS Sacramento Weather App has temperatures in Rocklin on Friday set for 110 degrees, while Sacramento will be at 109, and Modesto at 108.

Also on Friday is the Hometown Heroes parade set for noon in Downtown Sacramento that will honor three men who helped stop a suspected terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train last month.

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