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Which U.S. states have the happiest residents?

Which U.S. states have the happiest residents?
Which U.S. states have the happiest residents? 02:41

Which U.S. states have the happiest residents? A new study found that California is in the top 10. 

Scholaroo looked at 54 different metrics broken down into seven categories, from employment to leisure activities.

It found that Californians are the 8th happiest residents in the United States.

Massachusetts came in as the happiest state. Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York round out the top 5.

The least happy states are Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas -- and the state with the most unhappy residents is West Virginia, according to the study.

Taking a closer look at California's metrics: We scored the highest when looking at leisure activities, coming in at number 2 out of the 50 states.

Our social policies, like workplace protection for pregnant women and LGBTQ rights, scored first in the nation.

But we didn't do so well with personal relationships, coming in 34th.

And we were dead last for personal finance, which looked at home ownership, income, savings and bankruptcy rates.

California also scored very high for mental health after analyzing things like our rate of depression and suicide.

For the full list, visit Scholaroo: Happiest States

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