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Which Is Ideal For Your Home: Patio Cover, Gazebo, Pergola or Arbor Addition?

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• Patio Covers: Enjoy your deck or patio year round without the worry of sunburn, snow, or rain. Patio covers or patio room enclosures offer all of the benefits of being outdoors with the privacy, comfort and protection of indoor living.
• Arbors: Enhance your garden with a graceful arched curve or flat top arbor. Vines, rose bushes, and other climbing plants love patio arbors. Arbors can also be places of rest and relaxation for you and your guests as you stroll around your garden.
• Pergolas: These versatile garden features provide shaded walkways of columns or pillars that support crossbeams and open lattice upon which vines can climb and flourish. Pergola patio covers can be an extension of a building or terrace, a link between two or more pavilions, or may be a completely free standing structure not unlike an arbor.
• Awnings: An elegant addition to windows, walkways, and porches, awnings protect from rain, snow, and UV rays.
• Gazebos: Whether you're looking for a Victorian gazebo, screened gazebo, garden gazebo, or spa gazebo, we'll help you design it, then we'll install it and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

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