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When Police Don't Respond, Natomas Man Steals His Bike Back

NATOMAS (CBS13) — A Natomas man took matters in his own hands after police said they couldn't help him, even after he saw someone riding his stolen bike.

Someone climbed up to Sean Spangler's second-story balcony and stole three bikes back in May.

He never thought he'd see the Father's Day gift from his wife again, but on Sunday, he looked out his apartment window and saw a stranger riding it.

"I just barged in, told them it's not their bike; it's my bike, and I'm taking it back," he said.

He called police, but he says the told him they couldn't come out to help.

"'I said does that mean I have to get my bike back myself?' and they said, 'Well I'm not telling you that you should but we are not going to be able to help you,'" he said.

He wasn't taking no for an answer, and he said he had "justice" on his mind. So he confronted the man and demanded he hand it over.

Surprisingly, he did just that.

Spangler boasted about his bravery on Facebook, posting a photo that says, "I stole my bike back like a boss."

Sacramento Police spokeswoman Michelle Gigante says what Spangler did could have put him in danger.

"Taking matters into your own hands might not always be the best idea," she said.

But at the same time, it's possible officers were busy on a more pressing case.

"Sometimes when we get calls there may be incidents or other things going on at the same time," she said.

Spangler says it will cost about $100 to fix his bike because the crooks really banged it up. He keeps it in a garage for safety, but knows the suspect is still out there.

"That's the really frustrating part. Yes I was able to get my bike back but who knows? That kid could be out stealing another bike right now," he said. "He could continue to steal bikes and just get away with it."

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