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Wheelchair-Bound Man, Dog Killed By Train In Wheatland

WHEATLAND (CBS13) — A man in his wheelchair and his dog were killed by a train on Friday.

Witnesses say just before 8 p.m. on Friday, the man's dog slipped its leash and headed toward the tracks. The man tried to go after the dog, but was struck by the train. Both were killed.

Seconds before he was hit, witnesses say people were screaming for the man to get off the tracks.

Bea Frantz says the long-time Wheatland resident had one leg and had been wheelchair bound for quite some time. She says his face was well-known by everyone in their tiny town, and he took his dog everywhere, just like he did earlier on Friday when he stopped by Big Al's Market on Main Street.

She says it looked like he miscalculated how much time he had to get across the tracks.

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