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Wheatland High School Students Seen In Social Media Post With Swastikas On Bodies

WHEATLAND (CBS13) -- A picture is circulating on social media of several Wheatland Union High School students with swastikas drawn on their bodies.

The school's superintendent condemned the behavior in a letter to the district community, confirming they are investigating the photo. The Wheatland Police Department also told CBS13 they are investigating the picture as well.

In the meantime, neighbors are concerned. The post is scaring neighbors.

"Hopefully, if something like that does happen, he stays away from it," Chris Singleton said of his son, who's a part of the Wheatland School District. "I don't know any of the kids or who the parents are. I just say people need to be taught a bit better not to do that kind of thing."

The Wheatland School District sent a letter to the high school community.

"The District prohibits any discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying of any student or staff member," said Superintendent Nicole Newman.

The letter promises a commitment to education — something members of the community are now questioning.

"I would hope, already in high school, kids know what a swastika is," said Duane Tubandt, who lives in the area.

The Anti-Defamation League says, in 1920, the Nazi Party adopted the swastika as its symbol, which "permanently converted the swastika into a symbol of hate, anti-Semitism and infamy."

"The symbol alone is how much hatred there was for a specific class of people," Tubandt said. "It was devastating how many people were killed in that genocide."

The California Department of Education says schools are required to teach students about the Holocaust

CBS13 did reach out to Wheatland Union High School to ask if they've implemented that curriculum. We did not hear back.

There is an internal school investigation being conducted. As for the police investigation, CBS13 was told there is not a criminal violation, but they are continuing to investigate.

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