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Wheatland Family Thankful For Neighbors Who Saved Them From Flames

WHEATLAND (CBS13) — A Wheatland family is thankful even though the fire has destroyed their home.

Neighbors came to their rescue to save them from the flames.

A CBS13 camera captured the emotional moments between husband and wife David and Tammy German, the shock still sitting in, their every possession destroyed by fire.

"Within 45 minutes everything was gone," Tammy German said.

Tammy and David German lived here with their 84-year-old grandmother, who owned the home for 50 years.

"The ashes of her daughter and her husband were in that house," German said. "And everything her entire life she's ever had is gone."

The priceless family heirlooms are gone, but they all survived, thanks to their hero neighbors.

"The neighbors were amazing," German said.

"It was unbelievable how quick this grass fire could move," neighbor Patrick Markovics said.

Markovics first saw the flames from across the street. He drove to the German's home.

"The shop was on fire, propane tanks were exploding, Mr. German wasn't able to get out by himself, so I went in and helped pull him out," Markovics said.

Markovics described a scene of propane tanks exploding, fire spreading all around them.

"Hell," Markovics said.

As firefighters descended on the scene overhead, the flames were eventually put out. Most of the German's pets died. Some survived.

"It's one of those things, the juxtaposition of feelings, where relief and sadness mingle," Markovics said. "And I don't know what else to say about that."

In a crisis that put this Wheatland family at risk in the worst way, their neighbors brought out their best.

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