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What are the political ramifications of Donald Trump's indictment?

What are the political ramifications of Trump’s indictment?
What are the political ramifications of Trump’s indictment? 02:18

SACRAMENTO -- Donald Trump's 2016 California campaign chairman Doug Ose says the former president's indictment is a political win, no matter what happens in the courtroom.

"Trump is dominating the political narrative to his advantage," Ose said. "From his perspective, just spell his name correctly, that's what he wants."

Ose says if Trump is convicted, he will call it harassment. If he is acquitted, he can claim victory. 

"And the irony that I pick up on is the Democrats, through the D.A. of Manhattan, have now given Trump a platform for which he can now offer his views," Ose said.

On the very day the indictment was handed down, California Gov.Gavin Newsom launched a new ad and a political action committee, aimed at boosting democrat numbers in Republican states. 

Newsom begins the ad with this line:

"The problem in our country: authoritarian leaders who are so hell-bent on gaining power and keeping it by whatever means necessary."

"It's interesting Newsom released his announcement to the Washington Post, not California media," Democratic strategist Steve Maviglio said. 

Maviglio said Newsom is likely looking to the national stage for a future White House run -- and having Trump back in the headlines helps Newsom too. 

"Oh absolutely," Maviglio said. "I mean, he's a real foil to him, as DeSantis is. And between the two of them, the governor has two big players on the national scene to attack."

This criminal indictment will now be center stage in the next act of American presidential politics. 

"This is political theater," Ose said. 

Ose says he does expect Trump supporters to follow the former president's calls and protest. How widespread those protests are remains to be seen.

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