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West Sacramento City Council Approves Contrbuting $2.6 Million To Barn Project

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The West Sacramento City Council has approved spending $2.6 million on a project meant to help revitalize the riverfront.

The bridge district was more dirt than buildings on Wednesday, but the empty plots won't last for long as West Sacramento is set to move forward on a project unlike any other here in the region.

It's called the barn project, but it doesn't look like anything you'd find on a farm.

"It's an iconic structure that is multi-use," said West Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem Mark Johannessen.

The space will host small concerts, and even a beer garden as soon as October.

"Wherever you are in the bridge district you'll be able to see it. You'll be able to see it off the bridge, it's really going to be a visual hook to get into the region," Johannessen said.

The barn is steps away from hundreds of new homes being built along the Riverfront and Garden streets, and would be just two blocks south of the proposed Marriott and city conference center.

"It's really considered to be a place where you've got a hot start which is really development ready, so you are going to see things come out of the ground quickly now," Johannessen said.

The revitalization effort began when Art Savage moved the River Cats to the old industrial zone 15 years ago. After all of that time, the rest of the district is finally sprouting new life.

"It is amazing," said River Cats spokesman Mark Ling. "We love the development around the area. When we came here back in 2000, we were envisioning something like this—A place where people can come not only see baseball, but surrounding sights."

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