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DA: Developers Bulldozed Native American Burial Grounds In West Sacramento, Tried To Cover It Up

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The Yolo County District Attorney has filed a civil suit against four companies suspected of bulldozing Native American burial grounds.

The sites are located in West Sacramento. According to the complaint, the companies knew for decades that the land was suspected of having Native American remains. Early development work of the project back in 2001 confirmed the presence of remains, the DA's office says.

Still, bulldozing work went on. In 2015, the DA's office alleges a subcontractor found human remains and was told to hide the finding and not contact police.

The DA's office says the City of West Sacramento later learned about the find and quickly did an archaeological review. Archaeologists say they found that multiple human remains had been unearthed during construction work.

"The flagrant disregard of the sanctity of the burial site is indefensible and deeply offensive," said Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig in a release.

Four companies are named in the complaint: Albert D. Seeno Construction Co., Discovery Builders, Inc., Seecon Financial & Construction Co., Inc., and A-S Pipelines, Inc.

The DA's office is seeking civil penalties against the companies and a court order that will make sure the remains are properly reinterred, as well as preventing the companies from unlawfully disturbing more burial sites.

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