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The House You Can't Live In: Sky-High Art Project Approved For West Sacramento River Waterfront

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — This week, West Sacramento city leaders approved a new public art project that could soon have people doing a double-take.

A lot is going on along the West Sacramento River Waterfront: new housing, new office space and a proposed new I Street bridge.

"Little by little, we are taking a look at what we can do to revitalize that area," said West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero.

But you'll have to look up — way up — to see the newest public art project.

"It's really large. It's about 104-feet tall," said artist Tamara Johnson.

This steel tower along the West Sacramento river levee is more than 100 years old and is now going to be transformed into a head-turning art sculpture.

"It will appear as though a small house has lifted off of its foundation and risen to the top of the tower," Johnson said.

Johnson is the artist who is creating the piece that she calls a "lighthouse."

"At night, the horizontal rungs of the tower and the house itself will glow, so you will be able to see this piece from very far away," she said.

It will even be visible from Interstate 5, where up to 200,000 cars pass by each day.

"People can take a look at it and just enjoy it," Mayor Guerrero said. "I thought that is very creative."

The mayor says it's part of a plan to pave a new pubic riverwalk all the way to the Broderick boat ramp.

So how could this lighthouse help make the neighborhood safer?

"What you want to do is create more foot traffic," Mayor Guerrero said. "I want to create a safer well-lit environment which is what this particular art project is going to accomplish."

"It's much better than what we have right now," said Altin Seka, who lives right across the street. "Never thought they'd build something like that. I endorse it. I love it. I'm going to keep an eye on it."

This sky-high house will soon become a beacon drawing more people to the West Sacramento waterfront.

"I'm always wanting to kind of create intrigue and curiosity, so it kind of like summons you to kind of get closer," Johnson said.

The ground level of the lighthouse will resemble a yard with walking paths, lawn chairs and a kiddy pool.

Construction should take about a year and a half and includes bringing in a large crane to raise the house to the top of the tower.

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