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Second Nugget Market Opens In West Roseville

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A second Nugget Market opened in the Roseville area and real estate experts say the development is proof that west Roseville is turning the corner in becoming its own community.

The grand opening of the 42,000-square-foot store on Blue Oaks Boulevard had customers like Rose Smoot dropping in.

"I love all the roominess, the warehouse feel of it," Smoot said.

For all the delicacies the grocery chain is known for – smoked meats, gourmet cheese and wine, and a heavenly selection of produce from local growers – COVID-19 has changed the way they do business. The store does temperature checks for associates at the door and has sanitizer and cart wipes available for all to use.

And it's changed the way they build. The new store has wider aisles and more space between checkout stands. Their famous buffet is gone—replaced with individual packaging.

Real estate agent Darya Ghomeshi said Roseville has always been a favorite with buyers, but demand is higher than ever.

"If a property is listed for 500K, I am already letting them know that the likelihood of it selling for under 530K,540K is slim," she said.

Ghomeshi said homes are being sold for over the list-price in hours with multiple offers and supply is struggling to keep up with demand. Greg Aguirre with Capitol Rivers commercial explained why.

"You've got a lot of great synergy in that west Roseville area. The incomes are higher in that west Roseville area," he said. "You've got great employment base with office and industrial."

Aguirre says 13,000 homes are being built in the area and where there is a residential development, commercial development isn't far behind. He pointed to the development of a third grocery store – Raley's – on Blue Oaks Boulevard.

"I think it's that cluster effect. The more retail you get in development, the more excitement there is, the more in demand there is, and so you get other retailers that follow," Aguirre said.

It's good news for Smoot who will no longer have to drive across town to shop.

"This is just fantastic having this at my fingertips," Smoot said. "Just wonderful."

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