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Residents Debate Controversial Water Vault Project In McKinley Park

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Controversy continued over a proposed city project aimed at elevating flooding in neighborhoods surrounding McKinley Park. The city wants to build an underground vault in the park that will hold sewage, but many residents don't want it there.

The area at the center of the debate is only about four and a half acres. The proposed water vault would be built beneath where the baseball field sits now. It's supposed to help elevate flooding to the surrounding neighborhood, but some residents say it will drastically change the look and feel of the park and isn't worth the cost.

The proposed concrete water vault beneath McKinley Park would hold more than 7 million gallons of sewage, wastewater, and storm runoff. Homeowners in the area have experienced significant flooding over the years and city says the vault is the fix, but residents like Will Green strongly disagree,

Green has been passing out flyers and started a petition drive to put a stop to the vault. He says the sewage tank has the potential to smell, the construction will disrupt the neighborhood, and at a hefty taxpayer price tag, a water vault he says is simply a bad deal.

"It's mine and your taxpayer dollars that are going to be spent on this project, probably 35 to 40 million dollars. It is not a permanent solution, it's not even a total solution potential flooding in these street areas, and we're not talking major flooding," Green said.

Instead of a water vault, Green says the city should invest in a split drainage system where sewer and storm runoff are separated.

Not all residents are against the proposed water vault. Others say they're for it if it will help alleviate flooding.

Residents will have a chance to voice their concerns or support coming up at a parks and recreation committee meeting on Thursday.

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