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Was DiCaprio movie simulated explosion a success? Sacramento Fire Department weighs in

Sacramento fire captian discusses preparations for filming of DiCaprio movie's simulated explosion
Sacramento fire captian discusses preparations for filming of DiCaprio movie's simulated explosion 02:45

SACRAMENTO — A simulated explosion rocked the streets of downtown Sacramento Wednesday night as Warner Brothers crews continued filming for Leonardo DiCaprio's latest blockbuster. While the explosion was over in seconds, Sacramento Fire Captain Justin Sylvia says preparation for that moment was months in the making.

"This was an extensively long process that our Fire Prevention Officers were looking at every single detail and working with the special effects coordinators in everything that they did," Captain Sylvia said.

Sacramento Fire Department's Fire Prevention Division is on standby anytime pyrotechnics are involved, whether that's a major motion picture or a Kings game with fireworks.

"Once the scene went off, and they blew out the windows, it was very loud. I was actually present for it. They made sure they had an all-clear on everyone, and then everyone that entered that building from that point had to wear a dust mask as well as eye protection," Captain Sylvia said.

Station 2 crews were standing by in case of an emergency and the department praised the movie company's efforts to work with their requests and accommodate any safety concerns.

"From the fire department perspective, it was very, very easy to work with them. They were receptive to our needs, and we were receptive to their needs as well, so just a great opportunity for the Sacrament Fire Department to be a part of," Captain Sylvia said.

With tragedies like the Rust movie set shooting back in the spotlight as trials begin in the death of a cinematographer, Sacramento filmmakers like Aaron Leong reflect on the importance of following safety precautions.

"In this day and age, it's extremely important. You know, with the Sarah Jones anniversary that just passed, with the Rust movie shooting, safety is paramount," Leong said. "That's one of the big reasons why we have permits in Sacramento."

Leong praised the film commission for ensuring all steps were taken to bring in big movie productions and accommodate their needs. Permits through the city ensure that all law enforcement and transportation entities are taken care of and notified ahead of time. 

"They've spent probably two months prior to actually being here, prepping for the shoot, and Jen West, our film commissioner has been helping them every step of the way. The film office is just doing a fantastic job," Leong said.

It's successes from big movie shoots like this that will keep Sacramento's film scene in the spotlight, with the hope of more big movie productions using the capital city as their backdrop.

We reached out to the city's film office to ask about the economic impact the recent movie shoots have had on the economy. They said at this time, it's too soon to tell.

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