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Warriors' Iguodala Mocks Cavs' James With Fake Injury

Minutes after LeBron James fell into a cameraman sitting near the baseline, cutting the back of his head open, the Warriors Andre Iguodala poked a little fun at one of the league's most frequent floppers.

James was fouled by Andrew Bogut on the play, but even Bogut said he didn't foul him that hard. Bogut and the Warriors saw James run into the cameraman on his own in order to try to raise the foul to a flagrant. The refs didn't buy it.

In honor of James and his Oscar-worthy performance, when Iguodala was later fouled by James, he winced and grabbed his arm as if James broke it. A second later Iguodala was smiling, giving high fives with his teammates and using both arms.

Check it out here:

Maybe James would be better off on Italy's national soccer team.

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