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Warm Sacramento Weather Means Allergy Season Is Making An Early Entrance

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It's only February, but some flowers are starting to bloom after a warm, dry ending to January.

It was 74 degrees in Sacramento, with plenty of sunshine, and that could be bad news for anyone who has allergies.

Getting some exercise before the sun sets, Ken Bucholtz notices something hanging from trees.

"There's a tree over on Alhambra that's already all sprouted out," he said.

Trees are already starting to bloom, even though it's still a month and a half until the start of spring. The sight of pollen gets anyone who's lived through a Sacramento spring imagining the worst.

Allergies are on the way.

Quentyn Young with the Fair Oaks Nursery says the very warm weather is to blame for some trees blooming.

"It's just thinking that winter is ending earlier and spring is starting sooner," Young said.

Health professionals say over-the-counter medicine is a good route to go if the taste of early medicine gets you sneezing. But also, registered nurse Rowena Nolasco says if you know what types of pollen cause you problems, avoid the outdoors on days they wreak havoc.

"If it's really hard to find out, there's more intense allergy testing so you can be checked for specific tree pollen," she said.

So far Buchholtz is allergy-free, but he knows it's just part of life in the City of Trees.

"If you want trees, and you want blooms, you're going to have to suffer through some allergies," he said.

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