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14 Houseboats Destroyed In Walnut Grove Marina Fire

WALNUT GROVE (CBS13) - The cause of a massive fire that destroyed more than a dozen houseboats at the Walnut Grove Marina overnight remains under investigation.

The fire broke out just after midnight on Monday. Firefighters from multiple agencies battled the blaze. In total, 14 houseboats and the awning above them appeared to be destroyed.

One factor affecting the firefight was the distance of the boats from a hydrant, according to fire officials. Firefighters had to string several hoses together, running the length of the dock, to get water to the fire.

This is devastating -- that's really all I can say. It was one day, and today it's another. It's horrible" said Patrick McKinzey, the owner of a houseboat that burned.

Raw: Firefighters Battle Marina Blaze

Firefighters cut some nearby boats loose and let them drift into Snodgrass Slough to prevent them from also catching fire.

A resident whose boat was spared said she heard multiple explosions as the fire raged.

"Propane tanks blowing up and 400-gallon gas tanks just on fire. It's pretty crazy," said Kristie Goucher, a houseboat owner. "I just went into auto mode. I don't know...just started doing whatever we could to keep everything from getting worse."

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. No one was injured in the incident.

Walnut Grove Marina
Credit: CBS13
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