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Families Left To Sift Through Ashes After Wall Fire's Devastation

OROVILLE (CBS13) — A community is now returning home to find what's left after the Wall Fire in Butte County ravaged nearly 6,000 acres.

The fire started Friday afternoon just north of Bangor and has destroyed or damaged almost 100 structures.

One of those was the Orsillo family home for nearly three decades before it was reduced to ashes.

For the first time in days, Steve Orsillo, a pastor in town, saw what was left of the home he built. His son was even more devastated, he lost his entire movie and gaming collection to the Wall Fire.

"I was crying first and all I knew that we lost stuff from our original life when our house caught on fire," said Mark Orsillo.

Mark also lost something near and dear to his heart, decades of movies and video games he worked so hard to collect.

"Batman, Lois and Clark, Mr. Nanny, all of em," Mark listed off.

Cellphone video was taken by the Orsillo family of their home, moments before the fire ripped through their property. Mark and his family were only able to grab a handful of clothes before their escape Saturday night.

Now, three days later, Mark's dad Steve Orsillo, is seeing the family home for the first time. It's a lot to take in for Steve, who built the family home almost 30 years ago.

"We've lost memories; my poor children they grew up here. Family home, their childhood, their security as children," Steve said.

Steve says he's thankful his family is alright, and says material things can be replaced.

"Where that green tent is that was an outdoor kitchen, it was probably the nicest outdoor kitchen you've ever seen," added Steve.

A home that took years for Steve to build was knocked down in minutes, but Steve's faith is keeping him strong and motivated to rebuild.

"It's going to be so much more incredible I can already see it," Steve said.

As for Mark's movies and games, people from all over the country are pitching in to help him start a new collection.

So far, Mark says he's received more than 100 movies including a small TV which was also lost in the fire.

Mark's message for everyone who's helping restore his collection:

"I say I love em."

Steve says he plans to keep the family on the property as he rebuilds a new home. He's getting an RV for his son Mark and says he can't wait to create new memories.

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