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Lunar New Year celebrations underway in Elk Grove

Vietnamese community is celebrates Lunar New Year in Elk Grove
Vietnamese community is celebrates Lunar New Year in Elk Grove 02:14

ELK GROVE - A big celebration is underway at the Elk Grove Regional Park and it's not for football. The Vietnamese community is celebrating the Lunar New Year from February 10-11.

It's the Year of the Dragon. While the NorCal Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce has been holding the Lunar New Year for the past 15 years, this is the first time it's in Elk Grove.

"Every year it's grown bigger and bigger. Our chamber's getting bigger, more ambassadors and volunteers and we're just so excited to bring this to Elk Grove," said the president of the NorCal Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, Lelly Le.

"It's nice to remember a little bit because so much has changed. Now we're in a different world, but it's always nice to remember and look back on where we came from," says festival-goer Phu Dui.

Besides the fun, games and great food, it's also about education and bringing the community together.

"It's important to have something like this because we really want to preserve our culture, our heritage and hope that our younger generation can do what we're doing and see this to teach them the culture why we wear ao dai, why we pray on stage," Le said.

"It's the year of the dragon one of the most powerful zodiac signs. So, we believe in good luck and energy and power so that alone brings the positive vibes," said the president of the Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento Tido Hoang.

Red and yellow are the colors of the lunar new year and are meant to bring luck, prosperity and good fortune.

"I just really like walking around and seeing everybody all dressed up. It's nice, everyone is kinda celebrating together," said festival-goer Theresa.

"I'm here with my whole family. My dad, my brother, my grandma, my auntie," a man said.

"Oh it's big, it's really big. We really enjoy it," his father said.

The festival runs from 11 a.m. To 8 p.m. and is free to all. 

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