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VIDEO: Simulated explosion goes off in downtown Sacramento for DiCaprio movie project

Simulated explosion in downtown Sacramento for Leonardo DiCaprio movie
Simulated explosion in downtown Sacramento for Leonardo DiCaprio movie 01:59

SACRAMENTO – The iconic streets of Sacramento's Fab 40s neighborhood transformed into a Hollywood movie set on Wednesday – and a downtown street was the scene of a dramatic simulated explosion.

It's all part of a Warner Bros. production known as the "BC Project," a new film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, and Teyana Taylor.

Earlier Wednesday, carts and trailers could be seen rolling down 45th Street at the house known as "The Reagan Mansion." It was once home to the famous former president when he was governor of California.

Approached by Warner Bros., the Ramsey family next door lent their backyard as a snack stop for the cast and crew.

"I got to meet the director Paul Anderson," Daniel Ramsey said.

The behind-the-scenes look at movie magic is now a lifelong memory for their family.


My daily run through the neighborhood was extra exciting! Will I be late work waiting around for a glimpse at Leo? Maybe. Maybe not. #movieset #fab40s #sacramentotiktok #sacramento #paulthomasanderson #leonardodicaprio #seanpenn #bcproject #tvnews

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"I stayed home, they stayed home from school to see what it was like to run a movie," Ramsey said. "Famous actors were in my backyard eating snacks," his daughter added.

Despite the buzz around the movie, the plot remains a mystery. Even the temporary title "BC Project" is expected to change.

"They've been super tight-lipped," Ramsey said.

Roads near 6th and J streets in downtown were closed Wednesday night ahead of an expected big stunt.

Then, just after 11:30 a.m., a simulated explosion went off that sent a fireball up in the air and debris out on the street.

Even with the big production in town, Sacramentans have only caught glimpses of the film's stars. Teyana Taylor did attend a Sacramento Kings game, though, earlier in February. 

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